Hard Drive Clicking Noise: 5 reasons why they do!

Your hard drive is still visible in windows or Mac

Backup! Your drive is dying.

Your hard drive can’t be accessed anymore and you need to get your data back

4 possible causes

Heads are damaged

The solution is to swap heads from your drive with new ones. Head swapping should be done in a clean room ISO 5 by professionals.

Preamplificator is damaged

The preamplificator of a hard drive is located inside. This matter should be handled by professionals.

The system area is corrupted/scratched

If the system area of your hard drive is scratched you can perform a live PCB swap. It will basically bypass the reading of the SA and you have a chance to access your data for a short period of time.

Firmware (PCB)

For firmware issue on your PCB, a PCB swap is the operation you should be looking at.