Top 10 data recovery softwares

Top 4 hard drive data recovery softwares

It is pointless to use a data recovery software, if the hard drive is not working. Obviously it needs to be repaired first.

It runs under Mac and Windows.

Runs under windows or Mac.

It is free for the first 100Mb and runs under Mac and Windows.

Possibility to get deleted files back with the trial version (files below 200Ko). Winhex runs under Windows only and cost around 38€.

Top 5 RAID data recovery softwares

It can be dangerous to try to recover data by yourself on a RAID Array. Check the most common mistakes and failure on RAID arrays recovery first.

It is very important to know what type of partitions you are dealing with, especially for NAS (Reiser, NTFS, Ext2, Lvm2 etc…)

Run under Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Different prices depending on the type of partition you want to to recover. 180US$ for all type of partitions (still limited to NTFS, FAT, RefFS, Ext2,3,4, HFS+, HFS, UFS).

ZAR costs 60US$ and only runs under Windows only.

ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery is free and runs under Windows only. It recovers the array parameters as an XML file, but you will need to use another software to get the data back ( ReclaiMe File Recovery which is 80US$ or 200US$ depending on the partition type, or R-Studio or ZAR)

This software cost 99US$ and run under Windows only.

Runs under Windows and costs 250US$ and doesn’t allow one drive missing for a RAID 5 recovery.

Top 15 USB Key and SD Card data recovery softwares

There is no risk using softwares for usb key/sd card. Just run the software from another location or from a computer.