Project Description

Seagate® hard drive recovery

Hard drive recovery is an art

Our recovery team is expert at finding lost data from Seagate hard drives in any state of damage.

Class 100 clean room

Each hard drive is opened in a dust free environment

Mechanical and Logical Failures

Mechanical Failure:
Click of Death

Your hard drive makes a clicking noise, this is called the click of death.Whatever you do, you will need to repair the hard drive first. There are 4 possible issues:

– Heads are damaged
Preamplificator is dead
System Area corrupted or scratched
– Firmware on the PCB

Logical Failure:
Seagate 7200.11 and .12

Those 2 models of Seagate drives are known to have firmware issues. If the drive is not recognised it is likely to be the cause.

Logical Failure:
Deleted documents

The drive can be seen in Mac OS or Windows. You don’t need an expert for such case. Choose a data recovery software from our list and proceed. This mainly happens when you want to get deleted photos or videos back, if you have formatted the drive or if the partition has been lost.