Project Description

Data Recovery Lab

Working with SD cards is tricky and requires experience

Each SD,SDXC and SDHC card manufacturer created its own specification and design. We work with most major brands in the field.

sd card

Manufacturer we work with

– SanDisk
– Sony
– Silicon Power
– Patriot
– Delkin
– Zectron Digatal
– Gobe
– Pixtor
– G.Skill
– Integral
– Centon
– V7

SD,SDHC and SDXC memory cards

Deadhardrive® provide state of the art chip off services to get photos, files and other data back from your SD Card. A chip off is performed when the SD card is physically or let’s say electronically damaged.

If you accidentally have deleted pictures or precious data out of your SD memory card, it is pretty easy and Free to get them back. There are many software (too many?) who can perform this type of recovery. Keep in mind the following:
– Use Free software
– If you have rewritten something on your SD memory card, expect to have a partial recovery
– If you are trying to get data back of last year and you kept using your SD card, then expect “a close to zero chance” to get back anything
Don’t mix up SD Card and micro SD card recovery. In the case of a micro SD card, it is much more complex, as the chips are molded in plastic, whereas for a normal SD card, the chips are visible on the PCB.

List of Free Softwares for SD Memory Card Recovery

Glary Undelete
PC Inspector File
Panda Recovery
Undelete Plus

Softwares developped by SD memory card Manufacturers

RecoverX: Free Software from Transcend.
SD File Recovery: Free Software from Panasonic.
Memory Card File Rescue Free Software from Sony if you own a Sony SD card. You will have to provide info related to this SD memoery card though.
Media Recover: Free Software from Kingston.
Image Rescue: Shareware from Lexar.
Rescue Pro: Shareware from Sandisk.