Project Description

NAS, SAN, DAS and SDS recovery requires patience and wisdom

Understanding how those Network devices are built, imaging each drive independently to keep a no footprint policy is key in such recovery. We excel at this.

Class 100 clean room

Each hard drive is opened in a dust free environment

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NAS,SAN,DAS and SDS Devices

NAS: network attached storage

– NAS systems mainly stores data as files
– Supports one or more RAID levels (Avoid data loss)
– NAS are connected to the Ethernet network (TCP/IP mainly)
– Support multiple users connecting to it simultaneously
– Simple, inexpensive and easy
– Network congestion (Ethernet nature)
– Consumes more bandwidth from the TCP/IP network

SAN: storage area network

– SAN is scalable (100’s of disks if needed)
– Performance isn’t affected by Ethernet traffic
– SAN systems require no reboots to add new disks, to replace disks or to configure RAID groups
– SAN data is zoned (nobody can see your data)

DAS: direct attached storage

– High availability.
– High access rate
– No network setup complications.
– Storage capacity expansion.
– Data security and fault tolerance.

SDS: software defined storage

– Better connectivity of existing hardware
– Joint management of the connected storages system
– Reduced costs
– Better performances
– The new data structures of the SDS software solutions lead to additional problems in failures or defects
– VMware is a good example of use for SDS

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