Click of death (hard drive)

First of all this is a quite complex problem to fix..a simple data recovery softwares will not be able to help you to get your data back. You will need to fix the problem first then you can use a soft to get your data back.

Most of time you might need expensive hardware tools and soft to access your data, but it is also possible to do it with some simple tricks…

The clicking noise occurs when the System Area cannot be read

– The heads of your drive have a problem and just cannot read the SA

– The preamplificator is dead or damaged and cannot bring the correct signal up to the electronics of your drive

– The SA is scratched or corrupted so it cannot be read

– The firmware on the PCB has a problem

You will need to fix the drive first

For heads and preamplificator…well you only have a choice which is to swap the head of your drive. This is where it gets expensive in terms of data recovery services. Head swapping should be done in a ISO 5 Clean room, but if you are skilled enough you can try it in a clean environment if you don’t plan to spend money anyway on your data.

If the SA is scratched you might have a shot through a live PCB swap. It will basically bypass the reading of the SA and you have a cheap shot at getting your data back.

For firmware issue on your PCB, a pcb swap is the operation you should do. This is doable by most individual thus not that simple.